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Right now history is in the making!

We are currently amidst the fastest customer upgrade cycle ever seen in the history of ConfigMgr’s enormous install base!  In just a little over 6 months, 15,000 organizations managing 27 million devices have upgraded to System Center ConfigMgr version 1511 or later.  In the 13 years I’ve led the engineering efforts on ConfigMgr, this is the highest the interest and energy around ConfigMgr has ever been!

The adoption rate is nothing short of incredible, but there’s another metric that is even more impressive:  There has not been any increase in the number of support incidents reaching our support organization!  Not only are 1511 and 1602 widely and enthusiastically adopted – they are also incredibly stable and reliable!  Taken together, these two factors make our latest release a win for IT teams everywhere.

Why is the interest so high? 

Right now there are a couple major migration trends underway in the market, and ConfigMgr is right in the middle of them.  This presence is what’s fueling the incredible level of interest in these new releases.  The factors include:

  • Windows 10 is a hit!
    Just about every organization I meet with is either already underway or proactively building a plan to deploy Windows 10. Organizations love the security features of Windows 10.  Yesterday, we posted an overview of just how important Windows 10’s enhanced security features are in protecting against the sophisticated modern (and relentless!) attacks.  Users love the 2-in-1 devices (Surface and SurfaceBook being the premier examples).
    ConfigMgr is the tool that’s being used to manage this upgrade to Windows 10.  Here are couple of interesting data points we’re seeing:  91% of the 15,000 ConfigMgr 1511 or 1602 deployments are managing Windows 10 devices.  70% of all the Windows 10 devices we’re seeing were upgraded/deployed after the customer upgraded ConfigMgr to 1511 or 1602.  In other words, the pattern we’re seeing is that organizations upgrade to ConfigMgr Current Branch and then begin accelerating their Windows 10 deployments.